Bonaparte Basin – Exploration

Exploration Permit WA-420-P

100% interest

WA-420-P (Tamar) is adjacent to the Ascalon gas discovery and is prospective for both oil and gas within several plays.  The northern part of the permit is covered by 1,725km2 of new and reprocessed 3D seismic data which has enabled improved mapping of these plays.  The main oil play is in porous and permeable, shallow marine sandstones of the Early Cretaceous, Sandpiper Sandstone Formation in the northern part of the permit. Oil shows were encountered within a distal equivalent of this play in the Rambler-1 well, located 7km due north of the permit.  There is also potential for stacked oil pay within sandstones of the underlying Elang/Plover Formations. The permit also contains a large structure (Tamar Deep) within the Late Permian, Hyland Bay Subgroup that is prospective for gas.


Bonaparte map_WA-420-P with Leads & 3D Surveys (latest) - July 2015