Exmouth Plateau Exploration

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WA-362-P and WA-363-P

33.33% Interest, Operated by Eni

The WA-362-P and WA-363-P permits are located on the northern margin of the Exmouth Plateau, 300 – 400 km northwest of the Western Australian coastline and comprise a combined exploration area of approximately 10,956 km². The current work program in both permits calls for reprocessing, interpretation and mapping of 2D data together with a studies program. A new 3D seismic survey and an exploration well in the last two years of each permit’s term are required. Eni is carrying out critical evaluation of the prospectivity of the Permits before deciding whether to enter the final two years of the Permits.

Octanex is fully carried by Eni though all exploration activity, including the next well in each permit, should a well be drilled in either or both of the permits.