The Sefton Project is located in the eastern part of the tier 1 Eastern Goldfields province of Western Australia, known for its rich gold endowment. 

The region hosts established gold mines such as: 5.2Moz Granny Smith (Gold Fields Limited), 10Moz Sunrise Dam (AngloGold Ashanti), 5.8Moz Gruyere (Gold Road & Gold Fields), 7Moz Tropicana (IGO & AngloGold Ashanti). 

This part of the Eastern Goldfields province is largely unexplored due to transported cover and represents a greenfields project with significant potential scale. 
The Sefton Project is comprised of five granted tenements covering approximately 2,105km2. An additional 480km2 is under application with respect to the Sefton Project. This prospective package of ground has had very little modern exploration.

Based on regional geophysics, the Sefton Project area contains the Sefton lineament as well as numerous unnamed structures. Bedrock geology has been historically mapped as granites. However, greenstones, mapped to the north of the project area, are considered likely to continue into the Sefton Project Area (along the structures) under cover. The project has potential for both greenstone-hosted and granitoid hosted mineralisation.

Surface Geochemistry
Octanex is using lag sampling to identify kilometre-scale, low level detection gold and gold-pathfinder anomalies for follow-up testing. Surface geochemistry is a low cost exploration tool to test for widespread (low grade) surface expressions of mineralisation under cover. Where it works, exploration risk decreases substantially as shown by the Tropicana (~7Moz gold) and Gruyere (~6Moz gold) discoveries.

Modern low detection multi-element analytical methods open up new areas for exploration. In arid regions, lag (which is derived from the bedrock), provides a medium for geochemical sampling.

Lag Sampling Program: Encouraging Results Received
Initial, wide-spaced lag sampling program returned encouraging anomalism. Peak values up to 3.2 ppb gold (considered high for lag samples). Six gold anomalies greater than 1.5 ppb. Anomalous gold-pathfinder elements support or expand the size of the anomalous fingerprint.

Further lag sampling was undertaken in May and June 2021 expanding on previous reconnaissance sampling into untested areas and infill sampling around the initial areas of anomalism. 

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